Rudson Valuation Group Inc. is devoted exclusively to the following professional services:

Business Valuation

We provide the following types of business valuation reports, depending on the client's needs and the purpose of the valuation:

Assurance Provided
Indication of value
Low Level
Estimate of value
Opinion of value
High Level

Why would I need a Business Valuation?

There are many reasons why the valuation of a business interest (shares or assets) is required. Some of the more common reasons include:

  1. Shareholder buyouts
  2. Partner and shareholder disputes (appraisal, oppression or dissent remedies under the CBCA)
  3. Income tax and estate planning purposes
  4. Corporate reorganizations
  5. Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures
  6. Goodwill impairment testing purposes
  7. Fairness opinions
  8. OSC Policy Statement 9.1 (insider bids, issuer bids, going private transactions and related party transactions)
  9. Commercial litigation (breach of contract, product liability, etc.)
  10. Marital disputes (determination of net family property, income for support purposes and valuations of business interests)
  11. Expropriation
  12. Insurance claim purposes (business interruption claims, etc.)
Damages Quantification

Litigation Support

Our expertise in this area involves the quantification of economic losses/damages and providing expert testimony in Court for lawyers and their clients in matters involving business losses (e.g. breach of contract, product liability, etc.) and personal injuries (e.g. slip and fall, wrongful death, etc.).

Our support services include being involved from the inception of the legal proceeding by providing the lawyer and client with assistance in developing an overall strategy to the particular case. The following are some specific examples of how we assist lawyers in developing and implementing a strategy to the case:

  1. Identify various heads of damage.
  2. Perform an initial damage assessment for the Statement of Claim.
  3. Review the damage assessment in the Statement of Claim in order to assist in preparing the Statement of Defence.
  4. Prepare a relevant line of questioning during Examinations for Discovery (e.g. with respect to identifying information required to value the business or calculate damages).
  5. Prepare a damages brief for purposes of mediation or arbitration.
  6. Aid in the preparation and attendance at case conferences.
  7. Prepare an expert report suitable for trial.
  8. Provide expert testimony at trial.
  9. Review and critique an opposing expert's testimony / damages brief / report.
  10. Prepare a line of questioning for cross examination of an opposing expert.

We pride ourselves on an excellent history of success in defending our reports at mediation, arbitration and the courtroom. Please contact us for list of RVG's courtroom experience.

Family Law Issues

Our services in this field revolve around providing family law lawyers with litigation support regarding quantitative issues in family law.

This entails a detailed understanding of the Family Law Act.

Our area of specialty includes the following:

1. Net Family Property ("NFP") determination 2. Income Analysis
Forensic and Investigative Accounting

Our resources and skills also enable us to take on engagements where the mandate is one of identifying fraud. Uncovering fraud involves conducting financial investigations, and performing funds tracing and contract compliance work.